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rukario71's Journal

The Journal of a Stoic Warrior
2 June 1971
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Hello, my name is Rukario and I am a 6 foot (approx.) wolf/jackal. I am outgoing, and I love doing new things. Boredom, seldom enters my life, as I am generally always out and about either working or finding some brand of mischief go get myself into. I generally am a very easy-going wolf/jackal. I love meeting new people, getting to know people better in the hope that a friendship can be established. I enjoy a lot of things that many in the "mainstream" would consider odd or even "taboo". An example of this would be the Furry Community, which is very misunderstood. All misunderstanding aside, this community has done wonders for me and my life. I enjoy very much fursuiting and attending "furry" conventions. Turn on's for me would include, open minded people and those not afraid to think "outside the box." Turn off's include, those that choose to make the tele their primary form of decision making over their brain (sad really) and those that have closed their hearts to the infinate possibilities that the world holds for them.

- Rukario